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Five Day Fall Detox Testimony

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Written by Common People Yogi Victoria Latham

When I saw the opportunity for this 5 Day Fall Detox offered by Zohra, I immediately jumped on it. As someone who has experienced the incredible light that Yoga brings and after the 2020-21 hardships the universe handed out, I knew how badly I wanted to give myself the chance to recalibrate from it all, despite being a bit nervous in how it might go due to some physical limitations that I have recently developed.

These five days included removing a small handful of things from our diet and set focus on nourishing our body and the digestive system. I personally felt little struggle in this, and also really needed it. Five days is such a short period of time and with planning you can easily power through the week, especially when Zohra provides some basic routine for you. In those five days of eliminating items, I very quickly became aware of my unconscious habits I have recently developed.

Over the course of the five days, I started out pretty rusty with movement and posture. That alone was such an incredible reality check to take notice of how much my body has lost it’s strength. I knew in that first couple of mornings that I didn’t want to experience that feeling in my body again and that I needed to make a further commitment past these five days to find myself with these thoughts again.

In those first couple days, I felt foggy (probably a bit of lack of caffeine but also recovery from a car accident that has taken a huge physcia toll on me), and really unsure WHY I was actually showing up... Because at the time, I felt I was stuck in autopilot, unsure of what was even happening. But I kept showing up. And to my surprise, about midway through those first two classes, I felt like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Finally able to move.

Finally able to think and meditate once again.

Finally able to BREATHE.

“B R E A T H E -

How did I forget this POWER??

The very power I myself have taught others they carry with them everywhere they go, that is available to them at any time of the day?”

I find it astonishing how much the loss of routine can make you FORGET YOUR POWER.

...Then days three, four and five came.

“Oh precious light.

Yoga, you bring me so much light. So much peace.

You teach me to be humble.

You teach me to observe.

To be still.

To be aware.

To rest.

To nourish.

To forgive and let go.

You teach me that I hold the power.

You remind me of my worth.

Yoga, it is YOU that reveals the light within me.”

Gentle poses to stretch the body, encourage movement and paired with breathwork lit the light back in me.

Where I once was feeling stiff, heavy and tight, I had returned back to feeling light. From my toes to my fingertips. From the crown of my head down to the soles of my feet. For the first time in a while, I experienced my mind and body beginning to make space.

As the week progressed, I felt like I needed less sleep, and felt more energetic. By day four, I was awake before my alarm, feeling ALIVE and ready to tackle the day.

I began to have hope for myself again, both internally and physically, and my daily routine. After each class I felt taller.

I felt fluid in my movements for the first time in a while.

I found it easier to process information or conversations, etc.

I felt more energetic because I could breathe fully and completely...Something so many of us humans take for granted.

I felt lighter once I became more aware of my unconscious food decisions.

Today, I find myself hungry for more. To continue on. To carry on this light and to continue to live in my truth. To continue to nourish myself and to show up with other people who also are there with similar goals. The impact of a group accountability goes significantly further than you think when it comes to shifting.

What I learned is this:

You can begin at any time.

You are allowed to start over.

There is no race.

You and your life are a product of your decisions.

*These five days helped me survive the 10 days my chiropractor was out of town while still in the acute phase from a car accident…

I am grateful for this short series that Common People provided from the ever amazing Zohra and will be at the next one!



January 3-7

7:30 am • $75

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