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December News

Updated: Jan 4, 2022


It is the last month of 2021! What an amazing year it has been. As we move through these last weeks of the year, it is impossible not to smile with gratitude and joy for this studio family. Some of you came back after many years at Indigo and gave us a chance, and some of you took your first-ever yoga class with us.

To everyone who supported us this year, THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting a small business. Thank you for your patience as we worked through the bumps of Covid. Most importantly thank you for bringing your love and light into the studio. Your energy leaves a lasting glow in the space each day. I would also like to say a BIG thank you to each of our amazing teachers for bringing their unique and beautiful yoga classes to share. We are so lucky to work with such talented and caring people.

Wishing you the love and warmth of the winter holiday season, and the beauty of starting a new year.

With gratitude,




We have a lot of exciting classes to share in the coming weeks and months, but the biggest announcement this month is that we are opening applications for our “Embodying Yoga” Teacher Training Program led by Dr. Zohra Campbell.

We are looking to build a team of teachers that represent the diverse community in which we live and therefore, are excited to offer a scholarship for LGBTQ and BIPOC students who are interested in this training opportunity!

Not only will you receive the highest level of training from Dr. Zohra who has been developing yoga teachers for the last five years, but at the end of this training, you will walk away with a comprehensive approach to Yoga from the basics of anatomy to the depths of yoga philosophy. If you think you are the perfect fit, we do too!

Applications will be posted on our website by December 15th as well as the schedule and details of the training. If you have questions, you can email us anytime at:




6-8 pm • $40

Join Michael Steinke for a restorative yoga practice that will include his popular gong & tea ceremony as we celebrate the return of the sun.

Winter solstice is a time of reflection, restoration, and renewal as we welcome the light and prepare for the new year.


Saturday, January 1

6 am • $15

Join Krystal Kambackas she sets the tone for 2022 with 108 sun salutations starting at 6 am.

108 is considered a sacred number:

• It represents the unity, spiritual completeness, and wholeness of existence.

• Ancient yogis believed we can attune ourselves to the rhythms of creation by completing practices in rounds of the sacred number.

• 1 represents new beginnings, embarking on new paths, and higher truth.

• 0 represents eternity, emptiness, nothingness, and the void.

• 8 represents power, abundance, and the ability to manifest what we want in our lives.

In previous years, this practice has taken about an hour and a half, sometimes longer, but the savasana at the end is a deeply spiritual experience worth having.


Saturday, January 1

10-11 am • $15

Bring your mat and malas! On New Year’s Day, Krystal is offering an hour-long gentle vinyasa flow class at 10 am to start 2022 with every intention of loving our bodies, standing in our individual and collective power, and going inward to find peace and prosperity. This class is suitable for all experience levels.

NUTRITION THROUGH THE LENS OF SELF LOVE Sunday, January 2 6:30- 8 pm • $30 This workshop focuses on reframing our approach to nutrition by examining how self-talk, body image, mindset, and media messaging all contribute to our relationship with and choices about food. The course will include some time for journaling and creating positive affirmations, as well as a guided meditation in gratitude for our bodies and all they do for us. We’ll also discuss some nutrition principles that can improve health and wellbeing in simple, approachable ways.


January 3-7

7:30 am • $75

Start the New Year with Intention. Join Zohra for a week-long New Year Renewal January 3rd-7th. Daily yoga classes, a yoga Nidra session, and a focus on strengthening the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body.





My wife and I were introduced to Yoga via our beginner classes at Common People Yoga. The environment was soothing and calm, the instructor was nurturing and accommodating, and we learned something new at every class. The poses were helpful in limbering us up, and 1 hour was just right. A very pleasant experience overall, and our classmates were great. Highly recommend!

- Kurt L. about Yoga for Beginners at Common People Yoga

...I find myself hungry for more. To continue on. To carry on this light and to continue to live in my truth. To continue to nourish myself and to show up with other people who also are there with similar goals. The impact of group accountability goes significantly further than you think when it comes to shifting.

- Victoria L. about Five Day Fall Detox at Common People Yoga

Read Victoria's full review and the beautiful insight she took from Zohra's Fall Detox course on our Community Blog.



Michael Steinke

As a life long student of the healing arts I believe that within each of us exists the innate ability to heal ourselves and our surroundings.

It is an ambition of mine to assist others in discovering and refining this ability.

In my classes I will encourage practitioners to challenge their bodies physically to create strength, while surrendering to their energies, discovering openness. The mind is amazing. Led by imagination there is no limit to what we may experience.

Join Michael at...

• Live-Stream: Yin (Tuesdays @ 7:15 pm)

• $10 Friday yoga (Fridays @ 5:45 pm)

• Yin (Sundays @ 8:30 am)

• Return to Light: Winter Solstice Restorative Yoga (Dec. 19 @ 6 pm)


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